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ADAP Fund 2 - The Pathology Network-Africa - March 10th 2021

ADAP Capital LLC is delighted to announce its investment in The Pathology Network - Africa (TPN-A). This is ADAP Fund 2’s 11th portfolio investment (22nd for ADAP to date).

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, TPN-A is a healthtech company that enables patients to access specialized pathology diagnostic services. Serving patients from a wide community of hospitals and medical centres, TPN-A strengthens the capacity of healthcare providers to diagnose and treat cancer, overcoming traditional barriers of cost and geography.

“Our dream is that every African will be able to access the diagnostic test that they need, regardless of their geographical location” said Dr. Joshua Kibera TPN-A Founder & CEO “As an experienced pathologist, I see daily, the need for affordable, quality diagnosis, and dream of reaching the millions of Africans who don’t currently have access to quality, reliable diagnostics.”

To date, TPN-A has served over 9000 patients from 27 hospitals and clinics and is actively expanding both the number of pathologists and patients across Kenya. Using proprietary software, TPN-A have a membership-based laboratory diagnostic services model that is capable of processing large volumes of diagnostics with rapid responses. Their pilot phase has created a cohesive online structure not only increasing access but also utilizing coordination across the healthcare-sector leading to an average 75% reduction in diagnostic waiting times.

“Healthcare systems across Africa are incredibly under resourced and benefit from approaches that not only connect commonly fragmented functional components but also employ innovative methods that have the capacity to get to massive scale.” said Andy Lower, ADAP Founder “We believe that TPN-A has a proven model that can be easily adopted, requiring minimal behavioural change by both patients and practitioners and is therefore capable of being adopted across cultural contexts: most significantly it has the potential for affordable long-term impact for the most marginalized”.

As TPN-A prepares for a pan-African expansion plan, they are in the process of commencing on their next financing round with the hope of having both Kenyan and non-Kenyan investors to invest alongside ADAP and other strategic investors.

ADAP Capital has a diverse portfolio of pioneering social entrepreneurs who have innovative models that are eradicating extreme poverty in emerging markets. By investing early and then partnering with the entrepreneurs as they work through the pioneer gap, ADAP captures and creates untapped value, directly impacting extreme poverty.

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