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ADAP Advisory provides structured advice and sustained support.
18 Month Agreement

ADAP Advisory has a contractual relationship with each social enterprise that lasts for a period of 18 months with a combination payment structure of cash and equity that is sensitive to the challenges of social businesses. We collaborate with early-stage innovative entrepreneurs during this critical time as they embed impact into their business model to achieve long-term profitability.

Four Cornerstones

Our advisory work focuses on the four areas that are critical to early-stage social enterprises: values, impact, revenue, growth. We support each entrepreneur to recognize their own power as they develop their KPI's and achieve their significant milestones. We de-risk each portfolio company, creating value as they overcome the ‘pioneer gap’.

"We are delighted to have ADAP on board as a long term partner because of their hands on approach in providing advisory services; we think their commitment validates our hard work, and provides both financial and strategic support to navigate these uncertain economic times.”


- Manka Angwafo

Founder, Grassland Cameroon


“ADAP has been a very important partner for Drinkwell over the past two years. From regular business reviews resulting in actionable introductions to a working capital financing partner, to a site visit and their unique ‘Taco Tuesday’ experience, ADAP has been a real thought partner as we executed on our growth plans.”

- Minhaj Chowdhury

CEO & Co-Founder, Drinkwell

Minhaj Chowdhury.jpeg
Unique Relationship

We invest the time and energy needed to build deep, trusting relationships to ensure honest, transparent and direct communication. We work hard alongside the entrepreneurs to support them with concrete tools and skills to strategically build their connections with other investors and key partners for long-term growth.

“Spending time with ADAP though the Advisory process, especially the home cooked meals!, has provided an unparalleled connection for us to grow and honestly work through the opportunities and challenges for our business.”


- Thijs Mathot

Founder & CEO, Brighter Investment

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