ADAP Advisory Services provides structured advice and support to companies to create the necessary foundation for sustained success. Early-stage social entrepreneurs face consistent challenges as they embed impact into their business model while also showing the ability to generate the necessary revenue and margins for long-term profitability.

ADAP Advisory has a contractual relationship with each social enterprise that lasts for a period of 18 months, with a payment structure that is a mixture of cash and equity that is sensitive to the challenges of early-stage social businesses.

Our advisory work is built on four cornerstones critical to all early-stage social enterprises: values, impact, revenue, and growth.


As an active partner, ADAP invests the time and energy to build deep and mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen the company. We seek to establish a trust relationship with each entrepreneur to ensure honest, transparent, and direct communication as we work with them to address their day-to-day challenges and opportunities.

We help entrepreneurs recognize their own power, and we support them with concrete tools and skills to help them hit their seed-stage milestones, while strategically helping to build their connections with investors and other key partners for longer-term growth

“Working with ADAP, I have become more confident in owning my power as a social entrepreneur. ADAP has truly rolled their sleeves up and helped us get the fundamentals in place to overcome challenges that many early-stage social enterprises experience. I know that I can always count on ADAP to help me brainstorm through a tricky situation, and I find their guidance invaluable.”

Sofia Eckrich

Founder, Teysha

“ADAP has been a very important partner for Drinkwell over the past two years. From regular business reviews resulting in actionable introductions to a working capital financing partner, to a site visit and their unique ‘Taco Tuesday’ experience, ADAP has been a real thought partner as we executed on our growth plans.”

Minhaj Chowdhury

CEO and Co-Founder, Drinkwell