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ADAP is actively searching for outstanding social enterprises to invest in and partner with. If you would like to submit your company information for consideration by ADAP, please carefully review information about our approach elsewhere on this website to see if your company might be a fit, and then fill out the form below.

ADAP currently invests $75,000 in each company we partner with. Each company also enters into an 18-month Advisory Services agreement with ADAP Advisory Services, for which the company is charged a combination of cash and equity.

ADAP invests across the developing world and in multiple sectors. We are interested in companies that have an innovative product or service with high potential for growth and significant long-term measurable social impact. We want to work with companies that have clear evidence of market traction (revenue, paying customers, partnerships, etc.) as well as strong alignment with ADAP's core values.


“ADAP's investment changed the growth of our company. We appreciated their financial investment, but more significantly, it was their leadership in timely due diligence and continued support as we closed both our seed round and Series A. I'd strongly recommend working with Andy and the team at ADAP.”

Shelley Saxena

Founder, Sevamob

“It was great to experience the ADAP rapid due diligence approach – fast, relationship-driven, and focused. It all works because the ADAP team expects and provides total transparency and candor.”

Carl Jensen, CEO

Good Nature Agro

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