ADAP (A Different Approach to Poverty) invests in innovative early-stage entrepreneurs who are working to eradicate extreme poverty. We invest across sectors throughout the developing world.

ADAP’s approach to supporting social enterprises is different in two key ways:

  • We seek to address the pioneer gap by supporting entrepreneurs with both investment capital and structured, sustained advisory support to create the necessary foundation for sustained success.

  • We are reimagining how early-stage entrepreneurs and investors interact and work with each other and seek to create collaborative partnerships.

We want to challenge the investment industry status quo and focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and their businesses, while being aware and respectful of the importance of investors and investor relations. We partner with entrepreneurs to get things done.

We actively seek ways to promote our approach for the mutual benefit of the social entrepreneurs, social investors and ultimately for the in-country stakeholders.

We believe that the early-stage impact investing ecosystem is still in a nascent stage and we want to be leaders in helping to establish cultural expectations and norms that provide a voice for all stakeholders.

ADAP’s Core Values underpin all our work:


  • Integrity: We strive to be honest, ethical, transparent, and fair. We are collaborative and inclusive, and we hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholders.

  • Innovation: We seek creative ways to address fundamental social issues, and we embrace the risk that comes with the unknown.

  • Implementation: We focus on thoughtful planning followed by disciplined, nimble execution and ongoing reevaluation. We prize simplicity and flexibility.

  • Empathy: We aim to truly understand the points of view of entrepreneurs, investors, and in-country stakeholders, and we seek solutions that enhance dignity for everyone.

ADAP Capital looks for companies with high potential for growth and innovative approaches that will have significant long-term measurable social impact.

We apply two guiding principles:

  • Leveraging the power of private enterprise: ADAP invests in innovative start-up businesses that utilize the power of the market and have the potential to scale with the right strategic financing, support, and implementation.


  • Unleashing the power of dignity: ADAP seeks dignity for all stakeholders, while ensuring that all voices are represented, are heard and feel heard, structuring win-win-win scenarios for investors, entrepreneurs, and in-country stakeholders (customers, clients, and team members).

We follow a disciplined, efficient, and timely due diligence approach to evaluate companies and make investment decisions. We incorporate a gender lens and seek to recognize and address implicit bias. We have a Guidance Council (see our Team page) that provides structured feedback to hold us accountable to our mission and values. Read our recent White Paper on transforming gender dynamics between men investors and women social entrepreneurs.

Our extensive partnerships with accelerators, incubators, investors, and others in the early-stage impact ecosystem give us access to a stream of qualified companies to consider for investment. ADAP seeks to give investors access to a diverse portfolio of high-potential companies that are willing to take big risks to have even bigger impact.

ADAP also provides advisory services to the companies we invest in. These services strengthen the value of ADAP’s portfolio companies by empowering entrepreneurs and giving them tools and skills to help them hit their seed-stage milestones. And we support entrepreneurs strategically, connecting them with key partners, contributors, and investors.

“Working with Andy at ADAP has been transformational for our company. We are really pleased with the innovative financing structure that ADAP helped us to create. Additionally, ADAP worked with us intensively to refine our pitch, to bring out our strengths, and to bring in other investors to the company.”

Sarah Symons CEO, Relevée

“ADAP was one of a few funds that was willing to take a chance on us at a pivotal time for the business. Andy’s unique ability to understand both the entrepreneur and the investor perspectives in a way that drives action and efficiency through the capital-raising process is a desperately needed asset in the world of seed-stage impact investments.”

    Myles Katz, CEO

    Eco Fuels Kenya


“ADAP’s approach embodies the true entrepreneurial spirit of ‘doing’ and not just talking. As entrepreneurs in the midst of growing our venture, we appreciate the nimble but thorough due diligence process.”

Sona Shah

CEO, Neopenda

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