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ADAP combines timely Capital and effective Advice to support
entrepreneur's untapped potential.

Investment Approach - ADAP Capital LLC

We invest $75,000 USD in each company that we partner with, utilizing a Due Diligence process that is both efficient and effective.

ADAP invests in social businesses who are harnessing innovation in an inclusive and sustainable way with scalable & replicable ideas to remove the indignity of extreme poverty. We invest across various different sectors in early-stage businesses that have clear evidence of market traction. All companies have missions that align with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and we prioritise businesses that address or mitigate the effects of climate change. For more information on our investment Due Diligence process, please see our 7 S's Blog and Video post.

“ADAP's investment changed the growth of our company. We appreciated their financial investment, but more significantly, it was their leadership in timely due diligence and continued support as we closed both our  seed round and Series A.”


- Shelley Saxena

Founder, Sevamob



We work with the most impactful entrepreneurs; 57% of the founding team members are comprised of women and 78% are not white.

We recognize the role of power and privilege in the world and specifically in the investment sector. Our due diligence and advisory models proactively work to confront these imbalances throughout our processes by honestly and openly addressing our implicit biases in this emerging ecosystem. We understand the critical importance of cultivating empathy and trust with all stakeholders in order to have sustainable positive social impact. By continually listening, learning and adjusting our approach, we are actively realigning power and opportunity as we embrace the complexities of eradicating extreme poverty.

"ADAP understands the challenges that entrepreneurs experience and has consistently been accountable and willing to have honest, direct conversations with us and all our stakeholders on this collaborative journey."


- Bethelehm Dejene

Founder & CEO, Zafree Paper


Core Values

Values are the fundamental driving force underpinning all our work and to which we want to be held accountable, both internally and externally.

  • Integrity: We strive to be honest, ethical, transparent, and fair. We are collaborative and inclusive, and we hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholders.

  • Innovation: We seek creative ways to address fundamental social issues, and we embrace the risk that comes with the unknown.

  • Implementation: We focus on thoughtful planning followed by disciplined, nimble execution and ongoing reevaluation. We prize simplicity and flexibility.

  • Empathy: We aim to truly understand the points of view of entrepreneurs, investors, and in-country stakeholders, and we seek solutions that enhance dignity for everyone.

"ADAP's Core Values have been at the heart of their work with us and have helped to ensure we remain focused on our mission of having profound impact while simultaneously growing our business. ADAP has helped us think through achieving a balance between impact and sustainability and I have appreciated Andy's different perspective on various business issues common to founders of growing companies."


- Dr. Joshua Kibera

Founder, The Pathology Network

Joshua Kibera TPN-A.jpeg

Support - ADAP Advisory Services LLC

We support entrepreneurs to overcome the 'Pioneer Gap' by combining timely Capital investment with structured Advisory support.

Pioneer Gap Model.jpg

"ADAP Advisory's behind the scenes support was critical for us at a pivotal time in our early stage as a business, helping us to lay the foundations for long term growth."


- Ugwem Eneyo

Co-Founder & CEO, Shyft

Ugwem Eneyo.jpeg

Guidance Council & Investment Committee

Our Guidance Council and Investment Committee members are respected professionals who bring structured feedback and inclusive insights to our process, ensuring that ADAP is held accountable to its mission and values.

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