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ADAP Fund 2 – Sisu Global – February 8th 2023

ADAP Capital LLC is delighted to announce its investment in Sisu Global Health. This is ADAP Fund 2’s 16th portfolio investment (27th for ADAP to date). Based in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), Sisu provides a solution for the global blood shortage. Their proprietary HERMAFUSE® pump, filters and then reuses a patient’s blood, allowing for handheld autotransfusion in settings without more established blood transfusion facilities. Sisu is directly addressing the 100 million unit deficit of donor blood around the world. Additionally, their second product currently in development (R)Evolve® separates whole blood into plasma and serum in order to improve the accuracy of diagnostic testing. Sisu envisions a world where medical technology enables access to healthcare for each person in their own community.

Blood is a precious resource, essential to every function. By developing and bringing to market innovative and resource appropriate technologies, Sisu plays a critical role in enabling access to healthcare for each person in their own community” said Gillian Henker, President & Co-Founder. “With this next round of investment from ADAP Capital alongside some of our current investors, we are confident that we’ll be able to directly impact thousands of individuals and hit our revenue targets ahead of our proposed Series A raise later in 2023”.

The HERMAFUSE® product versatility and ability to be used in diverse different geographical settings has led to usage across Africa and Asia as well as a number of additional requests for pilot testing. Not only does the product allow for a more cost-effective price per surgery, but the speed efficiency allows for greater increase in the number of surgeries. This frees up blood for others and additionally reduces pressure on the already stretched surgical needs. The grab and go auto transfusion, can be set up in minutes and has the potential to lead to massive increases in safe, routine surgeries.

“Innovative technologies that are fully functioning in low-cost settings are needed across emerging markets. Sisu’s inclusive approach of listening and responding to customer’s needs is aligned with ADAP’s core values”, said Andy Lower, ADAP Founder, ADAP is excited to work with Gillian’s leadership to bring about the company’s vision and see Sisu bring more innovative health products to market for the most marginalized in society”.

ADAP Capital has a diverse portfolio of pioneering social entrepreneurs who have innovative models that are eradicating extreme poverty in emerging markets. By investing early and then partnering with the entrepreneurs as they work through the pioneer gap, ADAP creates and captures untapped value. ADAP is committed to an inclusive investment approach; 73% of the current Fund 2 portfolio founders are female founders, 91% are people of colour. For more information please email


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