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ADAP Fund 2 – Impact Plus Network – May 15th 2021

ADAP Capital LLC is delighted to announce its latest round of funding into ADAP Seed Fund 2. To date ADAP Fund 2 has made 12 investments in early-stage social enterprises that are eradicating extreme poverty in emerging markets (part of the whole ADAP portfolio of 23 total investments across Funds 1 & 2). ADAP Fund 2 currently has capital raised for a further 5-10 deals.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to build on the track record we have built to date of investing and supporting innovative business models that impact the most marginalized in society,” said Andy Lower, ADAP Founder, “We believe that innovation doesn’t come about without embracing the risks that are involved in developing pioneering business models. We are focused on working with a portfolio of truly incredible social entrepreneurs and our experience has shown that by focusing resources post investment, we can invest early in incredible entrepreneurs and then support these businesses to create and capture value, both in terms of financial returns as well as measurable social impact.”

ADAP’s community of 13 investors, are a combination of those new to the impact investing sector and those seeking to further develop their impact portfolios. Along with providing support to entrepreneurs post investment, the ADAP Advisory model provides regular consistent structured interaction and opportunities for deeper collaboration between ADAP investors and entrepreneurs. The recently established Monthly Investor Connection (MIC) meetings have provided opportunities for investors to connect with each other to explore further opportunities for collaboration as well as for investors to meet and connect with entrepreneurs in the portfolio, proactively finding ways to add additional value as they create the foundations for their business.

“We have watched the growth of ADAP since its inception and as we continue to expand our impact portfolio we view the investment in ADAP Fund 2 as a strategic opportunity to work with more entrepreneurs in emerging markets” said Donald Anderson, Lead Investor in the Impact+networkThe Impact Plus Network wants to connect together various stakeholders in the impact ecosystem, and develop a strong portfolio where strong returns are matched by deep, sustainable impact”

ADAP will be utilizing its efficient due diligence process to effectively review the multitude of potential investment opportunities that are in the emerging early-stage impact investing ecosystem. ADAP is committed to an inclusive investment approach, using its extensive network to find the most impactful entrepreneurs. To date 73% of the current Fund 2 portfolio founders are female founders, 91% are people of colour. For more information please email


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