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ADAP Fund 2 – Janitri – February 8th 2023

ADAP Capital LLC is delighted to announce its investment in Janitri. This is ADAP Fund 2’s 15th portfolio investment (26th for ADAP to date). Based in Bengaluru, India, Janitri develops sustainable technologies that improve maternal and child healthcare. Their initial proprietary KEYAR product, tracks fetal heart rate and uterine contractions and is reducing the millions of neonatal and maternal deaths that occur during the pregnancy period.

As we look to substantially grow our business beyond the 200 hospitals where we currently work, we’re excited to partner with ADAP and bring our affordable and portable product to more markets” said Arun Agarwal, CEO & Founder. “We envision a world where no mother or baby dies due to preventable causes during pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery. With monitoring and alert software, we have a unique product and service that can used by millions in emerging markets and beyond.”

The product is wireless and portable which allows mothers to be mobile, the software application interacts with the product to provide a real-time view of the data that manages antenatal & labor, and remote monitoring for doctors and experts from any location. The product is simple and easy to use and requires very little training, making it a perfect fit for low-resource settings. The product not only helps in preventing fetal distress based on early alerts, but also overcomes the challenges of poor staff/patient ratios allowing for contractions to be effectively monitored during the labour and delivery process.

“The clear yet still shocking reality is that, tragically, millions of women are forced to experience unnecessary risks while in the labour process. Complications can have fatal implications due to lack of monitoring devices and healthcare workers in emerging markets.” said ADAP Founder Andy Lower, “ADAP is looking forward to partnering with Arun and the team at Janitri to continue to listen and respond to the needs of more pregnant women and healthcare works and bring effective products and services to the most marginalized in society”.

ADAP Advisory will partner with Janitri to continue to create the necessary foundations for long term expansion and sustainability ahead of a planned equity round later in 2023.

ADAP Capital has a diverse portfolio of pioneering social entrepreneurs who have innovative models that are eradicating extreme poverty in emerging markets. By investing early and then partnering with the entrepreneurs as they work through the pioneer gap, ADAP creates and captures untapped value. ADAP is committed to an inclusive investment approach; 73% of the current Fund 2 portfolio founders are female founders, 91% are people of colour. For more information please email


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