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ADAP and Eight Social Enterprises Creating a Different Approach to Deal Rooms at SOCAP17

Photo credit: Numida.

What do electric auto-rickshaws, newborn vital signs monitors, and mobile communications have in common? Each is the focus of one of the companies selected for the ADAP Deal Room @SOCAP. Selected from 44 companies that applied, the 8 social enterprises selected to participate represent a diverse range of sectors and operate in 7 different countries in Asia and Africa.

ADAP stands for A Different Approach to Poverty, and the ADAP Deal Room @SOCAP is our attempt to take a different approach to the deal room. This deal room will be action-oriented and will create a level playing field between investors and entrepreneurs. During a session on Tuesday, October 10th that is open to all registered SOCAP attendees, we are creating a space for entrepreneurs to honestly discuss their business and vision as well as providing a chance for them to get to know us and other potential investors in a collegial environment. We hope to create a culture of collaboration in the deal room that will allow for honest, direct and empowering conversation to find win-win partnerships.

We are creating a space for entrepreneurs to honestly discuss their business and vision as well as providing a chance for them to get to know us and other potential investors in a collaborative environment.

During the week of SOCAP we’ll use ADAP’s Four Hour Due Diligence process to vet the entrepreneurs and their business models, while developing a relationship with the entrepreneurs and being respectful of their time. In return, the entrepreneurs will be vetting us as investors and advisors. We intend to announce deals with two of these companies from the SOCAP plenary stage on Friday, October 13th. Each company we partner with will receive an investment of $75,000 from ADAP Capital. We are delighted to be collaborating with Kyle Westaway, who has generously offered to provide free legal support for one year to companies selected for investment after the deal room.

The Social Ventures in the ADAP Deal Room at SOCAP17

Here are the companies that will be helping ADAP reimagine the deal room at SOCAP17:

Neopenda has created a low-cost, low-power wearable vital signs monitor for newborns to reduce infant mortality in the developing world, with initial deployment in Uganda.
LaborVoices has developed a platform to crowdsource supply chain intelligence from front-line workers, helping to address the problems with traditional factory audits and improve labor standards and worker rights. LaborVoices is initially rolling out the platform in Bangladesh and Turkey.
Essmart is a technology-enhanced rural distribution network, working to address last-mile distribution of essential technology products in southern India using a proprietary logistics software platform.
Three Wheels United provides asset financing for electric auto-rickshaws in India.
Awaaz.De provides customizable mobile technology solutions and services for last-mile communications in India.
Numida is Uganda’s fastest growing small business lender. Their financial management app helps entrepreneurs keep good records, make great decisions, and access fair and affordable credit.
Bidhaa Sasa enables rural families in Kenya to buy affordable modern goods delivered to their door.
Good Nature Agro invests in small-scale farmers in Zambia to generate lasting income.

We invite all SOCAP participants to join us on Tuesday October 10 from 1–4pm to meet the great social entrepreneurs behind these companies, and help us reinvent the deal room!

SOCAP Guest Post originally published at on October 4, 2017.

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